Teacher's Day School Visit

The visits that I have been through in the past 2 days had taught me a number of things when it comes to the public schools in Malaysia.

We are lucky to be able to receive a first-hand experience in understanding the conditions and differences that these schools encounter. For instance:

  • The Chinese school that we visited had a number of students from different races. While they are a minority there, the Chinese teachers treat them equally with no discrimination.
  • The Indian school that we went to had no assembly hall so we gathered at the canteen to greet the students. They also do not have a sickbay for students.
  • The Malay school that we visited is without a headmaster’s room as she prefers to use the space for student activities. Giving up this privilege for the betterment off the students is an honourable gesture.
  • The Asli school that we went to is well-equipped with facilities such as a computer lab ensuring that no child is left behind even if the school is in the outskirts.

Apart from that, we are also touched by the student’s ingenuity and desire to make not only themselves but their schools proud with their achievements. No matter where we were, be it a Chinese, Tamil, national or asli school, students are more than eager when it comes to learning.

This is all thanks to the sheer willpower and dedication of teachers who are not only selfless but determined to help each and every student succeed. We hope that this spirit will continue to burn brightly among the students and teachers alike.

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