Nazif Visits Students of KYF Raja Alias

During his recent visit to Jempol, Negeri Sembilan, Mr Mohd Nazifuddin bin Dato Seri Najib Razak, as founding chairman of Youth on Unity, dropped by Kolej Yayasan Felda Raja Alias as a part of his efforts to meet up with the youth for community development. Also present at the event was Dato’ Sri Dr Emel Faizal, CEO of Yayasan Felda and EXCO Pemuda Mohd Najib B Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad.

Upon his arrival, Mr Nazif was warmly greeted by approximately 500 people consisting of students and staff of KYF Raja Alias who were eager and determined to meet him. After a light breakfast, the program began by dividing the students into 2 separate groups. These students were then delivered with a motivational speech by their allocated speakers.

The speakers provided students an insight on what are the experiences that they will be facing in the future and what are the methods that can be taken to overcome their fears and obstacles that they are likely to encounter. The session came to an end in the afternoon and during lunch, Mr Nazif took the opportunity to lunch with the KYF students to get a better understanding of the expectations and aspirations of the youth. Apart from that, Mr Nazif also shared his previous experiences as a student to give the KYF Raja Alias students an idea of what they can achieve to the best of their abilities.

Mr Nazif hopes to continue the community programs as a part of YOU’s initiative and commitment to care for the development of youth and their potential to serve as the future leaders of the nation.