MoTen Press Conference 2015

On December 2nd 2014, Mr Mohd Nazifuddin B Dato’ Sri Najib Razak who is a patron of MoTen attended their press conference which was held in MAC AUTO GARAGE, Senawang Business Park. Mr Zamani Hj Baharom, chairman & organizer of MoTen 2015, Mr Mohd Zaki Kadir , senior manager of Supply Chain Development of Malaysia Automotive Institute and Mr Che Muhd Harith B Che Jusoh, chairman of Malaysian Advance Generation One Community (MAGIC) were also present at the event.

The aim of MoTen is to develop young entrepreneurs in the automotive industry and this project is expected to be deployed in February 2015. Prior to the press conference, Mr Nazif had delivered a speech to the audience which comprises of students, staff of MoTen, guests and the media. This was then followed up by the soft launch of MoTen 2015 which involves a T-shirt presentation as well as Q&A by the media. Besides the press conference, there are also other ongoing activities such as a carnival and an interactive Activity Automotive Sports exhibition. We look forward to participating in future events initiated by MAG Auto Garage & Malaysian Advance Generation One Community (MAG1C).