Youth are powerful, energetic, committed members of society, whose strength as leaders is core of every country in a charging world. Youth have to power to contribute significantly to communities, to be equal and caring partners, to create positive change, and to imagine possibilities and directions. Now, more than ever before, we must ensure that Y.O.U. serves all communities by providing equitable access and opportunity for all Youth in urban and suburban areas to embark on our activities and youth development programmes.

We are aggressive in reaching out to all Malaysian Youth, especially to those who are under privilege and their families to leverage on our extensive networks and resources to help them make the difference in achieving goals in all areas despite globalization turmoil.

Our core capabilities reflect strong expertise that Y.O.U. youth development programmes have to offer and also suggest how we must change to accomplish the strategic plan. Our unique synergy of these capabilities makes us different and special in the communities we serv. We believes these capabilities add exceptional value to Y.O.U. youth development programs.

If we care about our future and want our children to succeed we must support them now. Now is the time for stronger voices, thoughtful actions and for a commitment to better our country. We call on the public and private sectors to be actively engaged in bringing our resources together to unite our people amongst our diversity. Let's seize the future with the power of Youth!!